About Us

Actorium (previously Open Stage Studio) was started in 2013 by film actor Michelle Meyrink.
Her goal was to create an inclusive environment, extending rigorous training in acting to professional actor, recreational actors, and completely 'non-actors' alike.The school has grown quickly.


Information Sessions

Join us for a one hour presentation with Q & A on all of our Acting Programs.
Our Information Sessions are open to all. Register for the time and date that works for you.
If you can't make an Information Session date, leave your name and number and we'll contact you to set up a date when you can drop by the studio.


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Ultimate aCTOR

The Ultimate Actor

The Ultimate Actor

The ultimate actor, to me, is a boundaryless actor. A boundaryless actor who is in control.
As actors, we train to express our authentic self in all moments, in all situations. Even when the stakes are high, when you know 1000′s of people are watching you – you can express your self fully and authentically.
That to me is the fundamental basis of training in acting. We find thosecontinue reading