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Sometimes we can get addicted to ‘big moments’ in our acting, and in our training as an actor. Those moments  when we feel our anger or our sadness, full on. It’s important to recognize when you are focused on, and just waiting for those big moments.

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‘Acting is standing up naked and turning around slowly’ is Rosalind Russell’s famous expression describing how truthful and open an actor is asked to be. I think, the training in the skill of ‘standing up naked’ starts in the first 10 – 15 minutes of class time. We start every class with a “check in”.

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Individuality and Acting

Acting is HUGELY about individuality. A great actor is always very much an individual. If you don’t train for individuality you could compare that to training to being a backup singer, rather than training to be the lead. The training for individuality is, for me, one of the greatest benefits of Foundations.

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Teaching at Actorium

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing in a third teacher at Actorium. And, although we all have our own styles, there are some fundamental understandings that we share. One common understanding is that in order for a person to develop as an actor, they will change as a person.

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What is Activity all about? Why would Activity be such a big part of our program? The way to explain the importance of Activity is to first understand Foundations. In Foundations we sit face to face with someone. Through this face to face, sometimes intense interaction, we get in touch with our natural spontaneous reactions.

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Back to training

As classes are about to start back up at Actorium, let’s talk about our favorite subject… taking risks … Often when actors are in Scene Study, and sometimes in Foundations as well, actors will say, “I don’t feel comfortable going in that direction … the other way felt so right, so authentic…”

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