Accent Reduction

This accent reduction course will focus on creating a Standard North American accent as a base from which you can build dialects as necessary. There are two ways to learn an accent: by imitating someone else, or by building a consistent framework that you can use with any text. When you know how to analyze and build an accent on your own, these principles can be applied to anything, whether you’re learning a foreign accent for an audition, reducing your original accent, or even creating consistent character voices for animation. This workshop will cover all the tools of accent analysis by teaching the Standard North American accent.

Concepts Covered:
How to analyze an accent: zone, placement, melody, rhythm, personality, vowels and consonants
Subtleties: getting to know how your voice is unique
Practice: pacing, breath and grammar
Creating consistency no matter the content
How to practice on your own

Recommended Resources:
The Accent Kit (
International Dialects of English Archives (


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