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Creating a clearly defined and recognizable character.

At the heart of every good story is a compelling character. It is what pulls the audience in and engages the emotions. Writing alone cannot accomplish this: the actor must find the heart of the role, create definition, and ultimately embody that character and bring them to life. In this class, you will study what to pull from the story to define your character, how to add to and strengthen the character’s core, and learn which choices strengthen the role and which choices will detract.
This course is highly focused on the art of acting and recommended for experienced actors.
Our online course focuses on the internal makeup of the character. For a deeper focus on external choices like voice and movement, see our in-studio course.

Course Information:

$190 + GST
week program
90 minute interactive weekly classes
Weekly homework packages with assignments

How it works:

 Meet weekly online for a 90 minute class, each with a weekly lesson, acting exercises, work review and Q&A.

Each week you will be assigned homework and a class review packet PDF.


This class is right for you if you are:

An experienced actor wanting to hone your skills in character development.

A writer wanting to understand character development.

A director wanting to understand key focuses to story development.

Weekly Breakdown:

Class 1:
The importance of the story

Class 2:
Relationship and Intent

Class 3:
Relating to, empathizing with, and embodying the role

Class 4:
Work review, feedback and takeaways




Participants will be expected to read a full script and complete weekly homework assignments.

Homework time will vary by participant but on average expect a minimum of 1- 2 hours per week.
Optional additional work is available for those who want to go more in-depth with their role.



Missed Classes:

If you are unable to make a class you will receive an online class overview and homework.


What You Need:

Notebook and pen/pencil

Computer or phone with a working camera and microphone

Headphones are recommended but not required

Working internet or data connection that will allow you to video conference for two hours a week


7pm – 8:30am PST
August 4 – August 25, 2020

Experienced actors

I have really found my online character development class to be a highly enriching experience. Michelle, our instructor, creates an amazing sense of community.
The class atmosphere is challenging, and supportive. I feel like I’ve grown significantly as an actor in terms of my ability to analyze/breakdown a scene/character and perform in a meaningful way. I’ve been invited to dial back emotion and see what comes up when I truly get to my character, their objectives and relationships.
I’ll be signing up for another online class!

- Kim D.

The online classes maintain the right kind of valuable space where we’re able to support and learn from each other. Michelle provides everyone with intelligent insights into character and story. At the same time we are also given a lot of independence and freedom. I was able to apply constructive critiques, develop a creative confidence and discover the fun to be had when working on a character.

- Matt P.

I highly recommend the online workshops at Actorium. There is helpful take home content as well as fun practical exercises. It helped me understand more about preforming in front of a camera and how to bring out more complexity and depth in my expression of characters. It’s also great to connect with other actors in this format. It feels allot more intimate.

- Anonymous

I thought the online classes had a sharp focus specially when it came to analyzing our characters. Sitting and reading and re-reading the play, studying my lines and focusing on understanding my character has been a great experience. There’s something about the online format that makes it feel like I’m more “allowed” to take things at my own pace. I have learned so much about acting and about myself through my character of choice. Because I was in charge of making my own videos and had to rely on my gut when I had doubts. It’s been a very rough patch for me during the pandemic and I feel like the classes helped me ground myself, keep working on my acting and learn a lot about who I am.

- May G.

I started off from the supernaturally shy class but due to Covid 19 my class was reformed into one of the Character class. The idea was definitely a little uncomfortable (like jumping into the deep end). I’m glad I was open minded though because I learned a lot and felt a genuine connection and felt supported and encouraged throughout the lessons.

- Cathy C.

As a shy and self-conscious person, this class not only helped me get more used to acting, but also to observing and accepting myself.

- Madeleine F.

I signed up for Actorium because I was tired of managing my own fear. The classes encourage you to open up to that fear and step into it. It’s a really great way to get to know the parts of yourself that you have disowned, and have fun with it. A values driven platform that attracts amazing, and loving people who support and challenge each other. The interim online class was a great way to immerse yourself in character development from home. And get courageous and creative in front of a camera. A good tool for self critique and awareness. Classes have a mix of people with different levels of skill. Everyone receives individualized feedback and specific challenges that encourages them grow.

- Courtney P.

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