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Freeing the actor’s habitual restrictions in their acting through the work of finding a stronger, more personal and more meaningful connection with the text.

My job is usually to express emotion as freely as possible.
– Meryl Streep

The base of all acting is self expression; expression gives acting the magnetism that draws so many people into the art. It can be likened to an excellent musical performance, where the script is to the actor what the score is to the musician. The script dictates the appropriate intentions, feelings and reactions for the actor, but, just like each musician has their interpretation of the music, the actor also has their interpretation of the role.

In this class, we study how an actor’s interpretation of a script enhances their performance. Students will work with a monologue, learning to pick it apart and interpret it in different ways. In doing so they will discover depth, humour, and their own individuality in the role.

Course Information:

$195 + GST
4 Weeks

Class once a week
90 minute classes

How it works:

Meet weekly online for a 90 minute class, each with a weekly lesson, acting exercises, work review and Q&A.

Each week you will be assigned homework and a class review packet PDF.


This is right for you if you are:

1. New to acting and comfortable participating in class

2. An actor wanting to develop access to deeper self expression

3. A writer wanting to understand dialogue

Weekly Breakdown:

Class 1:
Vulnerability and the heart of the piece.

Class 2:
Finding nuance in the dialogue

Class 3:

Class 4:
Actor’s prep, taking risks and using your nerves



Homework time will vary by participant but on average expect 1 hour per week.

Online class preformance work is optional but recommended to get the most out of this class.

Some line memorization.


Missed Classes:

We provide options for a makeup class when possible.

If a make up class is not possible you will receive a digital class package with an overview of the class and the weekly homework.

What You Need:

Notebook and pen/pencil.

Computer or phone with a working camera and microphone.

Headphones are recommended but not required.

Working internet or data connection that will allow you to video conference for two hours a week.


10am – 11:30pm PST
(1pm-2:30pm EST)
July 7 – July 28, 2020

Class Full

7pm – 8:30pm PST
(10pm-11:30pm EST)
July 7 – July 28, 2020

Class Full


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