Acting for 40+ Workshop

40+ ImageActing for the 40+ workshop introduces adults to the basics of  Actorium’s Acting Program. The class is geared for adults who have a curiosity about acting but haven’t pursued it as a career, or for those interested in acting for personal or professional development.

Students of Actorium’s acting program come away with a deeper understanding of Method style acting, a stronger understanding of themselves, with more confidence in self expression and the ability to form stronger connections with others

No experience necessary.

All classes and workshops are held at Actorium, 2910 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

If you have any questions, please email or call 604-445-7751.



$90 + GST
1 Day Workshop

Upcoming Program Dates: 

Saturday  10am – 3pm
November 16, 2019
Maximum: 12 students





I was so nervous to go to the workshop and there was no need to be! It felt like such a safe space to explore outside my comfort zone, and I am so grateful for that experience. Thank you!

The activities/exercises feel like a return to our more natural selves before being told how to be, what to say, how to say it. I am reminded to check in with myself for authentic expression of my experience in the moment. Thank you for your brilliance in presenting this opportunity.

Breaking down a few walls isn’t that difficult when the reward is feeling like a kid again, what an amazing release! I just signed up for my next program with Actorium … (which can’t start soon enough).

I recently joined Actorium out of curiosity that I’ve had for many years as well to see if I could gain more confidence in communicating with others. The variety of classes offered and the prices made it very easy for me to commit. I am beyond excited about how much I have already learned!

Actorium has taught me to slowly breath through my fears and instead use them to my benefit. In the past I’ve never been able to slow my thoughts down long enough to gain that control and understanding, so when I felt it in the moment and then saw this change happening, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

Not only has the program allowed me to tap into my childhood bliss that I chose to let go of, but it also helped me look at places I blocked out within myself. I am becoming more whole and my relationships are becoming more authentic and honest. I am finding the program is helping me stay present and be more honest with everyone in my daily interactions. Rather than my habit of keeping my thoughts to myself, I’m able to share those feelings with people I trust and they make room for me. I have richer relationships because I’m able to recognize what I’m feeling and sense what others are feeling.

I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity to join the Meisner Intro Class. The attention, understanding and encouragement you give is communicated with such compassion and depth that makes one want to incorporate and excel.

Even from the first workshop there has been a shift in my interaction with others and awareness of how and what I communicate. I learn something new with each class and the experience stays alive within me until the next class.