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Training in the basics of acting and understanding how to work with shyness in your life.

“In the circle of light on the state in the midst of darkness, you have the sensation of being entirely alone… This is called solitude in public… During a performance, before an audience of thousands, you can always enclose yourself in this circle, like a snail in its shell… You can carry it wherever you go.”
― Constantin Stanislavski, An Actor Prepares

People often assume acting is for the outgoing only — a shy person couldn’t even imagine themselves acting. But, people who are shy have a great gift in acting: their ability to access their vulnerability. This depth of feeling is a great benefit to any actor. When you realize how to value your shyness, you discover how to work with it rather than try to overcome it.
In Acting for the Supernaturally Shy, we step into acting slowly, and with a focus on working with our emotions and not against them. We cover all of the fundamentals of the regular Scene Study Basics class, but at a slower space, and with the recognition that someone who struggles with shyness will require different supports to open up in an online class environment.
All in class performance work is optional. You may watch or you may participate.
We look forward to working with you.

Course Information:

$245 + GST

Class once a week
90 minute classes

How it works:

Meet weekly online for a 90 minute class, each with a weekly lesson, acting exercises, work review and Q&A.

Each week you will be assigned homework and a class review packet PDF.


This is right for you if you are:

1. Someone who is interested in acting but has been too shy

2. Someone who’s shyness is affecting their life and would like to learn to work with it


Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1
Overview of the Super Shy Acting program

Week 2
Finding your connection to relating to the role.

Week 3
Working with nerves. Introducing relationship.

Week 4
How to prepare for scene work. Introducing intention.

Week 5
Allowing deeper connections. Truth versus pretending.

Week 6
Working with a director to shape the scene.



Participants will need to complete weekly homework.

Homework time will vary by participant but on average you can expect about 1 hour of homework per week to get the most out of this course.


Missed Classes:

We provide options for a makeup class when possible.

If a make up class is not possible you will receive a digital class package with an overview of the class and the weekly homework.

What You Need:

Notebook and pen/pencil

Computer or phone with a working camera and microphone

Headphones are recommended but not required

Working internet or data connection that will allow you to video conference for two hours a week


7pm – 8:30am PST
(10pm-11:30pm EST)
July 8 – Aug 12, 2020



I just wanted to say thank you again for holding a wonderful and safe space that allows people to wade through such difficult emotions. 
Many years ago I did one [public speaking] class and hated it and never tried again. I often wished since then that some kind of magical world existed where I could try a form of speaking or performing while having a positive voice somehow override my internal negative and terrified one… well you are providing exactly that magical environment! The way you verbally support each person while they are on stage is incredible. I think these classes are priceless and will have a positive impact on all aspects of life… truly life transforming!

I had not foreseen that the program was going to be that interesting and the experience so profound and rewarding.

I am so happy with my progress! You have no idea. I was feeling so stuck behind that block that it was really testing my ambition and resiliency because I was feeling really powerless to change. I don’t know how it happened other than just breaking that part open and just allowing myself to be imperfect and where I am at… slowly. Though I still feel a certain trepidation over being really seen, I feel I can much more easily sit and be honest with that feeling of un-comfortability.

I have always been terrified of public speaking and have never even in my dreams wished to be in the limelight on any stage. The thought of taking acting lessons would have never occurred to me. But I was introduced to this idea in such an intriguing way. Michelle said this class was a safe place for those who wanted a chance to tiptoe out into the spotlight and thus to explore hidden facets of their essence and personality. I’ve always been rather inhibited and not-quite-the-real-me in my range of expression in social settings so I thought this would be a potentially fun and cheap way to expand my range, as compared to say, sitting weekly on a therapists’ couch for months on end. Well it’s only been four classes so far but holy moly! I could not have guessed how eye-opening and personally rewarding this experience would be for my inner development and self-knowledge. Not only do I feel I have a better window to my authentic self (and what could possibly be more precious than that) but I also feel like I really have an inner eye and empathetic understanding of my fellow classmates which in so few hours with strangers is really incredible. I would urge anyone who resonates with me to try this course. Very highly recommended.

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