Supernaturally Shy Acting Program

The Supernaturally Shy Acting Program is specifically geared for people who:

  • Struggle with shyness
  • See themselves as introverts
  • Often suffer in social settings
  • Are terrified (and maybe a little excited by the idea) of acting
  • Feel like it might be time to step outside of their comfort zone
  • 18+ years old

Following the Meisner technique acting program, participants move through a series of exercises focused on the very basics of truthful acting. Classes are energized with motivating discussions and shared experiences. The focus is on individual instruction as each participant takes the (sometimes… terrifying) step of leaving their comfort zone.

Enrolling in an acting class when you are very shy is a huge feat. The rewards for taking that step can be equally huge.

Graduates of the Supernaturally Shy course will have a clear understanding of the basics of acting, and may move into Actorium’s regular Meisner Foundation Acting Program. Decisions on placement are made in consultation with the instructor.

Upcoming Classes

I have always been terrified of public speaking and have never even in my dreams wished to be in the limelight on any stage. The thought of taking acting lessons would have never occurred to me. But I was introduced to this idea in such an intriguing way. The instructor said this class was a safe place for those who wanted a chance to tiptoe out into the spotlight and thus to explore hidden facets of their essence and personality. I’ve always been rather inhibited and not-quite-the-real-me in my range of expression in social settings so I thought this would be a potentially fun and cheap way to expand my range, as compared to say, sitting weekly on a therapists’ couch for months on end. Well it’s only been four classes so far but holy moly! I could not have guessed how eye-opening and personally rewarding this experience would be for my inner development and self-knowledge. The instructor is guiding us starting from scratch using the Meisner training technique. Not only do I feel I have a better window to my authentic self ( and what could possibly be more precious than that) but I also feel like I really have an inner eye and empathetic understanding of my fellow classmates which in so few hours with strangers is really incredible. I would urge anyonewho resonates with me to try this course. Very highly recommended.

I took the Acting for the Supernaturally Shy class, not knowing what to expect and feeling quite nervous about it. Shyness is something that still grabs me by the throat and tells me that I should just stay home, that I’ll be safer that way. I’m very glad that I didn’t listen to my fear. I took the class and it was fantastic. As an unexpected benefit, the experience made me realize that maybe there’s an actor inside of me, suppressed but struggling to emerge.

Now, I’m enrolled in the Meisner Foundation course. I didn’t foresee that I would take another course, and likely more to come. I don’t know where this will lead, but the training has been inspiring, challenging, empowering, confidence-building, and enriching. I have no regrets that I took the risk.


I had a great time during the four-week and the experience has already helped me tremendously. I was in a group that presented a national conference in the field of higher education in the last week of May and it was going to be my first conference presentation … I am happy to report to you that it went very well! So much so that I feel that I am liking the opportunity to speak in front of others a lot and considering for a next opportunity. This positive outcome could not have been achieved without your thoughtful and careful coaching approach to our individual development, so thank you.