Danger #2: Niceness. In an impromptu discussion last night, we talked about how necessary, and how difficult it is, to break through our “Canadian code of conduct”, our Canadian culture of niceness. How we need to break through this culture of niceness to access some stronger, deeper emotions. Those stronger, deeper emotions that we know exist in all of us, but that we don’t necessarily show.

We talked about our habits of smiling, even when we don’t feel happy,  laughing when we don’t find anything funny, feigning sympathy when, in truth, we couldn’t care less. Can you relate?

Just like confidence, we think of niceness as a good thing. But, niceness stops being a good thing when you can’t help but be nice. When, no matter what you feel, you find you cloak it in a cover of niceness.

Some people broke through that cloak last night. They told their truth. For me, as the audience watching someone truthfully live in the moment,  I have more realization of my human experience. It makes ME more intelligent when YOU tell the truth. It’s generous of  you. It’s a gift. Because, in the end, I become more truthful when I am given the opportunity to see, or experience truth. If truth isn’t important in acting, I don’t know where it is. I think that losing that cloak of ‘niceness’ is truly kind, truly generous. Grateful to those that dare to drop it.