Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique: The Alexander Technique is a self-use method used by actors to discover and reduce patterns of excess tension in movement, posture and performance, free up breathing, enhance vocal production, reduce performance anxiety, and access deeper presence on the stage and screen. It’s taught in the top performing arts schools including the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, the Yale University School of Drama, and The Miller Healthcare Institute for Performing Arts NYC.

Level 1

  1. Improved basic body mapping and self-awareness for movement
  2. Strategies to develop a skilled use of attention/intention
  3. Identify personal physical and/or vocal habits
  4. Identify and reduce excess tension or boost awareness
  5. Enhance coordination and presence

Up-coming Program Dates:

Next class January, 2019


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Level 2

Shakespeare:  Performing Verse and the Alexander Technique

 Performing Shakespeare has heightened challenges for the actor.  Shakespeare’s characters truly mean what they say and they are often dealing with high stakes circumstances.  These circumstances trigger anger, confusion, desperation, exalted joy, rage, overwhelming love, deep desire, and suicidal sadness.  Discover how to build confidence by using verse to connect you to your emotions. Learn to use the Alexander Technique to unlock to your authentic voice allowing language to reveal character. Learn how to achieve better posture; ease of movement; improved breathing; and vocal clarity and power.

Instructor: Desmond Price

Up-coming Program Dates:

7pm – 9:30pm
Starts Nov 1, 2018


6 weeks
$340 + GST (2 payment option)






Solo Sessions

Instructor: Desmond Price

Each session is 40 minutes. If you are a currently in Principles & Analysis, Character Development and/or Role Immersion at Actorium your first session is free.

45 minutes, 1 person – $55 + GST
1 hour, 2 people – $40+ GST/each

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