Artists Package Registration

Please note:

This registration page is for students actively enrolled in an Artists Package.

If you have not registered in an Artists Package, please go here.

If you are taking an individual class, or are looking for financial aid, please go here.

Artists Packages at Actorium: 

  • Your Artists Package expires when its training interval ends – depending on the package, the end of the fourth or eighth month after the start of your first class.
  • During the Artists Package’s training interval, you can take up to the maximum number of courses and electives on offer.
  • When purchasing an Artists Package, we recommend that you select your courses and electives as soon as possible; they may fill up, and days/times are limited.
  • Payment plans are available to fit your situation.
  • Package prices may change over time. This will not affect your package rate or your payment plan.

If you want more classes:

  • With the 3-Course Package, you can purchase up to one additional course and two elective classes at a reduced rate.
  • With the 6-Course Package, you can purchase up to two additional courses and four elective classes at a reduced rate.