We’ve been working on writing up our core values at Actorium. And in doing this exercise, we realize that first and foremost, truly above all else, is that we create a space where everyone is made to feel welcome and is equally valued.⁠

Over the years we are learning how to safeguard this environment because we realize how integral it is to the training at Actorium.⁠

Our training is in bringing out the uniqueness of each actor. Unique because authenticity is our goal, and in the process of discovering authenticity we discover who we are at our core. ⁠

Therefore we work to develop a community of people who come to Actorium and work and train exactly as we do in the exercise of Public Solitude. Public Solitude: alone in the company of others. Alone, not in the sense of loneliness but instead meaning to be completely oneself. To understand complete independence. ⁠

When someone is completely independent, completely oneself, completely able to stand on their own, completely able to express themselves fully and truthfully, the whole world benefits.