Hello Everyone!

As we move closer to the new year I’d like to update you on some changes to Foundations Online and in-Studio.

Studio Foundations and Theatrical Improvisation

Those of you who have studied with me, know that I am heavily influenced by the work of Stanislavski and his focus on the physicality of presence.
And, you likely also know that I am strongly influenced by Viola Spolin and her study of theatrical improvisation.

As Studio Foundations moves into its new space, we see opportunities to bring the work of these two influential teachers together. We will begin implementing a theatrical improvisation portion into each Foundations class.

This combination will facilitate the work of Stanislavki’s presence to be more deeply realized through Spolin’s understanding of spontaneity.
And too, this will facilitate the work of Spolin’s spontaneity to be more deeply realized through Stanislavski’s understanding of presence.

It’s a win/win situation for Viola and Konstantin!!

Foundations Online and Transitioning to Lines

The heart of Foundations Class is the study of deeper, more authentic relationships with others and the world around us.

As many have come to realize, relationship is the heart of acting. Acting is never about a singular performance. If you are the actor, it is about you relating with others, responding to events, and interacting with the environment. That is what film, and that is what theatre seeks to capture; someone in relationship.

So, yes, we heavily study the art of relationship in Foundations. And, people evolve through this work. They change. They get better at being in relationship with the world around them.

But, the struggle for many is implementing this same relational work in performance. People get lines and it all goes out the window. 😭

In order to facilitate the transition of this relational work into performance, we will be adding a class regularly into the Foundations Online program: Transitioning to Lines.
And, as always, the Online Foundations classes are open to everyone in Studio Foundations as well.

The monthly structure of the Foundations Online in 2024:

Week 1 Monthly Subject Lesson 1 & Exercise Class
Week 2 Exercise Class
Week 3 Monthly Subject Lesson 2 & Exercise Class
Week 4 Transitioning to Lines Class

Studio with open floors and four large windows.

The Picture above shows our new studio space in January, where we will bring Konstantin and Viola to life! See you soon!

– Michelle