Intro to Foundations

An introduction to Stanislavski System and Meisner technique. Actors work to overcome self consciousness and follow their impulses in order to access greater fluidity and depth, develop a grounded presence, and authentically express themselves.
Foundations Intro is the first step if you are new to Actorium. Once you’ve completed Foundations Intro you can then move into full Foundations and/or Scene Study.
Option to do the Intro as a weekly class for four week class or as a one day workshop. The four week class allows time for assimilation and includes some home work. The one day workshop is a strong immersive experience.

Four Week Intro:
$240 + gst
One day Workshop:
$190 + gst

Upcoming Program Dates:

4 Week Intro:

Saturdays 6pm – 8:30pm
July 6 – July 27, 2019

Tuesdays 6pm – 8:30pm
July 23 – Aug 13, 2019


One Day Intro:

Friday 10am – 5pm
June 14, 2019


We do not offer auditing but give a full refund if after your first Foundations I class you do not feel the program is a good fit for you.
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Foundations – Developing the Actor’s Instrument

Foundations is Actorium’s core program for the development of an actor. Through advanced exercises in both Stanislavski system Meisner technique we focus is on accessing vulnerability, following impulse, owning the negative and expressing point of view. Classes are structured with group exercises as well as tailoring work specifically to the individual. This is our “yoga class for the personality”; through consistent Foundations classes the actor will deepen their development in individuality, openness and confidence.
Foundations is also taught within each Scene Study program.
Prerequisite: Foundations I or equivalent

Two payments of $240 + gst, or one payment of $480 + gst
8 weeks

Upcoming Program Dates:

Tuesdays 7pm – 9:30pm
June 4 – July 23, 2019

Please review our refund policy here. Already registered? Direct Payment: here.
If a class is marked full email to go on wait-list.



When I signed in the Foundations I class, I had absolutely no idea about what Actorium was. I did not know what to expect, although I had been slightly familiar with the Meisner technique. All I wanted was to start an acting class as soon as possible after landing in Vancouver. Now, after finishing the class, I can say that I have found the place where I want to work on becoming an actor.

I feel privileged to be part of the community. Michelle provides excellent instruction, in a safe supportive environment. Your work with her will give you as much insight and growth as you are willing to accept.

I worked in film, matching people with opportunities. “Actorium” was on many resumes. Some of these actors evolved as I watched. They seemed to summon something from deep inside themselves, and harness it to explore bold new places. One actor in particular bloomed and developed a gravitas that had been hinted at.

I want to express my deep gratitude to you for working with me for such a long period, not letting me off the hook and forcing me to open up. I feel better than I have in years. Free to change now. So, THANK YOU.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class tonight. I feel very… ‘alive’ now! It’s so rare but so good, to detach from everything and just be focusing on that absolute moment. I’m looking forward to the next class!

Thank you for keeping us on our toes. I really have been learning a lot coming to these classes about myself and (not just) acting. It really feels so much better being in the actual moment rather than acting it out in a way we think it should be.

Just wanted to type you a short note today to let you know how much I’m enjoying class. Yesterday when I was able to observe all the stations it finally became clear to me – when I tuned out the sound and watched everyone, it all looked and felt so natural and easy. No stiff performances and a penny dropped for me, what this repetition thing is all about. And I’m so, so curious to continue because my feeling is that all the bits and pieces I have patched together to provide myself with a sense of security over the years is going to get shaken up and I’m totally okay with it. Part of that, I think, is because I trust you and the space you have created/are holding. You are very intuitive, kind, transparent, masterful and real. I have a sense that you have done a lot of personal journey work and have aligned with a purpose to which you were called…there is heart and soul at the Actorium and I’m just so grateful to have stumbled across this!!!