Acting is HUGELY about individuality. A great actor is always very much an individual. If you don’t train for individuality you could compare that to training to being a backup singer, rather than training to be the lead.

The training for individuality is, for me, one of the greatest benefits of Foundations. You are always training in your own self expression. Even if you never act, if you throw yourself into the work those first few months, I guarantee you will come out knowing yourself to a much greater degree.
In fact, I don’t think you can train to be a lead actor if you take “acting” classes. If you study acting as something you do separate from yourself, there is no way you won’t be stuck playing Waiter #3. When lead roles are cast people want someone that an audience wants to watch… not someone who knows how to act.
I hope you have a blast in Foundations. It’s not always easy, but it’s always interesting.
– Michelle