In order to learn, especially in something as complex as an art like acting, movies, stories, theatre – you have GOT TO learn how to fail. You’ve just got to.

It feels so incredibly bad at first. It feels like failure means a dead end right? But it’s the opposite. You become more agile because you can succeed AND you can fail. This allows for so much freedom. This opens up so much room for trying things out.

If you can’t venture into the area of failure, the dimensions of the area you have to work in are way too small. It’s tiny. It’s too safe. All you can do is repeat what you already know to be true and fail safe. Over and over again.

Staying out of the area of possible failure is a guarantee of no failure.

Or is it?

Learning agility. Let’s fail! I’ll support you if you support me. Let’s go! Let’s get super agile!