Meisner Technique Acting Program

For alternate entrances to the Meisner Technique Acting Program check the Supernaturally Shy Acting Workshop and Intro to Acting for 40+


Introduction to Meisner technique 
1 Day Intro
$95 (GST not included)

This one day Introductory course teaches a step-by-step technique in the fundamentals of acting. Meisner work focuses on freeing the actor to work in the moment with the goal of bringing their performance to life. This workshop is appropriate for anyone new to acting and for experienced actors who have had limited exposure to Meisner technique.

Read more about Meisner Technique here
Watch Sanford Meisner – Theatre’s Best Kept Secret here


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Foundations 1: Connection
8 weeks 
$340.00 or two payments of $170.00 (GST not included)
*Meisner Technique Intro is a prerequisite 

For those that want to train on a weekly basis, this program hones and develops an actor’s understanding of Meisner technique. Over the course of the eight weeks actors are fully supported and encouraged as they learn to adjust to the training and clarify the goals in their work. Connections is open to non-actors for personal development.

A complete understanding of Meisner technique repetition work
Understanding the power of self consciousness and how to work towards loosening its bonds


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Foundations 2: Challenge
8 weeks 
0 or two payments of $170.00 (GST not included)
*Foundations Connection is a prerequisite

The heart of the Foundations program. Actors are encouraged  to widen their range of truthful expression through ongoing Meisner and Method work. This program is run in 8 week segments but actors may choose to repeat the program to continually undo patterns and habits developed over years of social conditioning.

Stronger expression of individuality
Strengthening ability to recognize and follow natural impulses
Deeper connection in relationships (both in acting and in life)


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Foundations 3: Expression
8 weeks 
$340.00 or two payments of $170.00 (GST not included)
*Foundations Challenge and instructor permission is a prerequisite

Actors learn to sustain the skills developed in Foundations I and II while bringing full and truthful expression to text. Using classical and contemporary monologues, poetry, improvisation as well as voice and movement work, the approaches to text are freed from the structure and confines of scene work. 
The goal in this program is to open an actor to the depth and breadth of human expression. 

Deeper truthful reactions and expressions.
Access to greater freedom through voice and movement
Discovering and becoming accustomed to spontaneity with text work.


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Elements extends the training of Foundations into the sphere of imaginary circumstances, relationship and activity. Actors strengthen their ability to follow impulses while working in given circumstances. This is a strong and fun program designed to open up possibilities in scene work.

Elements I  

8 weeks 
$340.00 or two payments of $170.00 (gst not included)
*Foundations; Challenge is a prerequisite.

Actors train in applying the use of Meisner technique within the structure of a scene, replacing dialogue with a focus on behaviour and continuing the training on correct placement of attention. Actors train in immersing in activity, working with given relationships and following objectives. .

Upcoming Elements Classes

I just thought I’d check in to say that lately I’ve been really inspired to just sing and dance and express myself through these things, like I never have before!
I thought that was neat, and definitely part of my growth from exploring more voice and movement at Actorium. It’s not just about the scenes and doing good in front of others, it’s about personal growth and change and freedom too… thanks.
Actorium Student

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class tonight. I feel very… ‘alive’ now! It’s so rare but so good, to detach from everything and just be focusing on that absolute moment. I’m looking forward to the next class!
Actorium Student

You are a great teacher and I love the classes! It’s exactly what I was looking for!
Actorium Student

Thank you for keeping us on our toes. I really have been learning a lot coming to these classes about myself and (not just) acting. It really feels so much better being in the actual moment rather than acting it out in a way we think it should be.
Actorium Student

I want to express my deep gratitude to you for working with me for such a long period, not letting me off the hook and forcing me to open up. I feel better than I have in years, free to change now. So, THANK YOU.
Actorium Student