Monthly Workshops

MAY WORKSHOP: Voice Over with Maryse Schembri

About Maryse: Holding degrees in Music and Drama from the Universities of Guelph and Toronto, Maryse deepened her expertise with acclaimed artists and teachers in Europe and Canada, such as Bill Vincent, Marjorie Purvey, Anton Kuerti, Anya Lawrence and Michelle George.
Her repertoire today encompasses classical, pop and jazz which she performs in lounges, restaurants, clubs as well as solo dates in many community and educational institutions. Having composed and performed music for many stage productions .
An avid student of holistic healing arts, she has endeavored to incorporate these skills into her unique method of teaching. Maryse has been teaching 47 years.

About the workshop: This course is designed to develop resonance, projection and a beautiful speaking voice. Learn to speak clearly, and enunciate accurately. Speak with musicality and release trapped emotions that prevent you from expressing yourself to your full capacity as an actor. Various breathing, enunciation and vocal exercises will bring out an amazing voice quality that is very useful when creating a role.
Radio copy work including commercials, narratives and news reports will be explored and critiqued. Intonation, effectiveness, different voices and personalities will be addressed.

When: Sunday May 6, 2018 
Time: 10am – 3pm
Max #: 12 students

APRIL WORKSHOP: Movement Patterning for Actors with Helen Walkley

About Helen: Contemporary dance artist and somatic practitioner, Helen Walkley MFA, has taught, created and performed for over thirty years throughout Europe and North America. She certified in Laban Movement Studies through the Laban Institute for Movement Studies in NYC in 1985. Other primary influences in her work are Body Mind Centering, the Alexander Technique, Shambhala Buddhism, voice and yoga.

About the workshop: This training integrates and coordinates the body in motion and refines the connection between the mind and the body. The somatic processes of the Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals and the Developmental Movement Patterns are the basis of this work. As an awareness of habitual patterns surface, new options arise. Fluidity and ease penetrate your movement and presence. Your expressive palette broadens.
The tools include
– Facilitated exploration of the principles of moving in your body
– The practice of specific forms which elicit a grounded and dynamic alignment
– Hands-on guidance

I was very unaware of the different habits and quirks that inhabited the way I move. Taking this series helped me realize how rigid and afraid my body was to lose control, and helped me overcome it. Through the different exercises within the series, I was able to fully let go of control of my body and movement patterns for the first time in a long time and that was a very liberating experience that has gone to inform how I develop characters and has influenced many other areas of my life. – Testimonial from Movement Patterning for Actors.

Working with Helen has provided me with a deeper understanding of my body as a whole down to its functions at an almost cellular level.This awareness will greatly serve me in my practice as an artist. – Nathan Pylpuk, Actor and Musician

Helen’s work feels to me like a slow dive into the body, to emerge transformed. You are invited to access a depth of awareness through hands-on touch to integrated movement. I have never felt so fully in my body, physically and energetically. –  Emma Garrod, Nurse

When: Sunday June 3, 2018 
Time: 10am – 3pm
Max #: 12 students
Registration opens: May 1st