Movement Class

This training integrates and coordinates the body in motion and refines the connection between the mind and the body. The tools include:

  • hands-on guidance
  • facilitated exploration of the principles of moving in your body
  • the practice of specific forms which elicit a grounded and dynamic alignment

The somatic processes of the Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals and the Developmental Movement Patterns are the basis of this work. As an awareness of habitual patterns surface, new options arise. Fluidity and ease penetrate your movement and presence.

Actorium’s Movement classes are held at EDAM Dance Studio, 303 E 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1S1.

Program Dates

Instructor: Helen Walkley
Contemporary dance artist and somatic practitioner, Helen Walkley MFA, has taught, created and performed for over thirty years throughout Europe and North America. She certified in Laban Movement Studies through the Laban Institute for Movement Studies in NYC in 1985. Other primary influences in her work are Body Mind Centering, the Alexander Technique, Shambhala Buddhism, voice and yoga.

“Leaving the studio after a private with Helen I had a sense of three
dimensionality I had never experienced in my body before. The boundaries of my
limbs expanded and my centre moved in perfect harmony with all parts.”
Ashley Johnson

“Working with Helen has provided me with a deeper understanding of my body
as a whole down to its functions at an almost cellular level.”
Nathan Pylpuk

“Helen’s teaching skills are exquisite…she has an integral logic of a purely
natural and organic means.”
Yvonne Chartrand

“Helen teaches with the rare combination of compassion, curiosity and
directness. Her understanding of the body and how it works in both dance and
functional movement is awe-inspiring. And she is a hoot! “
Traci Foster