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We have three free introductory programs for you to choose from:

  • Expression
  • Expression for Novice Actors 40+
  • Expression for the Supernaturally Shy.

And one full intro level course:

  • Preparation & Imagination

Read through each of these courses below and choose the one that feels right for you. If you’re not sure, reach out to us at!
Once you have completed the Expression program of your choice you can move forward in the Full Acting Program.

April Classes:

Tuesday 4pm PST: Expression for 40+

May Classes:

Tuesday 4pm PST: Expression (all ages)
Wdnesday 7pm PST: Expression for the Super Shy

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Accessing freedom and depth in self expression.

3 weeks
Expression for Actors of all ages is for those who are completely new to acting, or have been acting for years. This is a general course covering…

Expression for the Supernaturally Shy

Training in the basics of acting and understanding how to work with shyness in your life.

3 weeks
Expression for the Supernaturally Shy takes a look at how training in acting can free you from the limitations from any kind of social anxiety, or discomfort speaking in front of audiences

Expression for Novice Actors 40+

Incorporating the challenge of taking up a new art outside of your comfort zone.

3 weeks
Expression for 40+ is for anyone who may have been interested in acting for years but is brand new to acting and wants to make sure they are surrounded by others who are 40+ and

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