Online Introductory Programs

2021 New Years Special

New to Actorium Online: your Introductory Course is free*

We have three Introductory programs for you to choose from:

  • Expression
  • Expression for Novice Actors 40+
  • Expression for the Supernaturally Shy.

Read through each of these courses below and choose the one that feels right for you. If you’re not sure, reach out to us at!
Once you have completed the Expression program of your choice you can move forward in the Full Acting Program.

* This offer is for students who have not taken an Actorium Online class. One class per student. This offer ends when classes are full. Subject to change.


Accessing freedom and depth in self expression.   

4 weeks
$190 + GST $0 with the New Years Special*
Like singing, acting is an art of self expression; the need for greater self expression is why so many people are drawn to acting. But what inhibits your deep, free, authentic self expression? In this class you will work on developing…

Expression for the Supernatually Shy

Training in the basics of acting and understanding how to work with shyness in your life.

4 weeks
$190 + GST $0 with the New Years Special*
People often assume acting is for the outgoing only, a shy person couldn’t even imagine themselves acting. But, people who are shy have a great gift in acting: their ability to access their vulnerability. This depth of feeling is a great benefit to any actor.
In Acting for the Supernaturally Shy, we step into the program very slowly, with a focus on…

Expression for Novice Actors 40+

Incorporating the challenge of taking up a new art outside of your comfort zone.

4 weeks
$190 + GST $0 with the New Years Special*
An opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and discover acting along with your peers. In this program we cover all the material of our regular Expression program with the added understanding that embarking on a new art form when you are 40+ can feel more intimidating. Throughout this program we acknowledge that discomfort and…

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