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Leaving the beauty pageant behind

When I first started auditioning, I remember I would walk in and I’d think “omg how am I ever going to get this? all the other actresses reading for it are so f&^%ing beautiful! How will I ever get something?” This was LA in the 80's, and I don't think anyone would...

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Homework for Monologue Study

NOTES FROM ACTORIUM'S HOMEWORK FOR MONOLOGUE STUDY: Spend an hour a day sitting with your monologue 'feeling' it out. 1. Don't rehearse it aloud. When you rehearse aloud you are nailing your coffin. You're creating a dead performance. You may get so good at it - it...

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Natural Reactions & Uniquely You

Anyone that has gone up on the stage at Actorium, knows that there is more to a Meisner technique class than repeating what the person in front of you says. You are asked to not only respond fully and truthfully, but you are asked "to see" fully and truthfully. Each...

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An Actor in Training for Real Objectives

Foundations training is all about getting out of our thinking, self-judging, self-editing minds so that our natural instincts can flow. We don’t introduce objectives at this point because the last thing we want to do at the outset is to introduce an intellectual idea.
But objectives are necessary in acting and need to be understood. So, how can we train in them?

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The Actor’s Role with full Presence in the room

Once a student has completed Foundations, the structure and the feel of the class changes going into Scene Elements I (Activity). The focus is no longer on your openness, your vulnerability, your truthfulness. Of course, we always work with that but the training changes.
In Activity, we focus on taking out the day dream element that can hound many actors.

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