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Stanilsavski uses the word Communion: "an intimate fellowship or rapport." When the audience reacts with laughter or tears, actors respond to that feedback. That is natural and is a part of the dynamics of acting. It is the audience/performer relationship. When...

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Talent comes from Instinct

When we begin the work in Foundations, which asks us to open up to the expression of truthful feelings, many of us encounter a habitual response: an automatic redirection of our emotions. When a truthful feeling comes up, we don't naturally express it: we redirect it,...

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Trying is like a muscle that can be developed through use in difficult situations. “Try this ice cream” will not not improve your ability to take on new things in the same way as trying something that you’re unfamiliar with, something you fear or dislike. But, you can actually build the muscle of ‘try’.

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