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Trying is like a muscle that can be developed through use in difficult situations. “Try this ice cream” will not not improve your ability to take on new things in the same way as trying something that you’re unfamiliar with, something you fear or dislike. But, you can actually build the muscle of ‘try’.

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Embodying the Objective.

The single most important thing for an actor's performance is the Objective. In Character Development, we focus on the Super Objective; in P&A, we focus on Scene Objective. Everyone has an Objective, and if the actor is not living out the character's Objective, than...

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I had this realization that I found helpful in my life. I noticed when I worked I usually asked myself this: Am I doing this correctly? What do they want? How can I meet their expectations? Will they be happy with this? Is this good enough? But, if I noticed my...

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