Refund Policy

Actorium Students:

Deposit: All $100.00 deposits are non refundable.

Foundations/Improv when registering for Foundations or Elements, you may withdraw your place in class up to seven days before the start of the class, the cost of the class will be refunded to you. There are no refunds for withdrawals made within seven days of the class start date.

Scene Study: requires a withdrawal notice of ten days to receive a full refund. Please keep in mind the $100 deposit is non refundable. The fee for withdrawing from a Scene Study within ten days of the start of the program is $100.00.
Extended and Advanced Scene Study requires both a time and financial commitment. If you have to withdraw from the program once before completion you will be required to pay for the program in full.

We accommodate payment plans. Please contact Rebecca at for more information.