Role Immersion

A hybrid live and online program

Combine our online training with Role Immersion. One Role for One Year.


After completing the pre-requisites, students are assigned one role to work on for the remainder of the program.

Students Online are assigned quarterly performance exercises and complete their role immersion presentation in our Central Role program.

Students in the Vancouver, BC area may opt to do a hybrid version of this program with all quarterly performance exercises and final scenes or monologues filmed in person.



    • Expression
    • Preparation & Imagination
    • Scene Objective
    • 12 weeks Dialogue classes
    • Zoom Interview with instructor

After program acceptanace students will be assigned a role.

Program Outline:

1st Quarter Outline – 12 weeks


The first quarter work is on breaking down the story and your role within the story.
Discussions with your instructor will be on character development and relating to the role.
If you are working with a partner: exercises are in Meisner and Improvisation work with a focus on getting comfortable with your scene partner(s).


Online courses:

    • Script Analysis
    • Super Task
    1st Quarter Filmed Exercises

    Character Interview:

      • Speak in first person as the character
      • Idenitfy the character’s given circumstances
      • Answer spontaneously to develop character opinions

    Obstacles to the Super Task:

      • Connect with and identify the character’s inner struggle
      • Relate the given circumstances to the Super Task
      • Find your personal connection to the central need


    2nd Quarter Outline – 12 weeks


    Choose the scene(s) or monologue(s) for the final assignment.
    Discussions with your instructor will be on breaking the scene/monologue down to events/bits and actions, and, on the rehearsal process using Stanislavski’s Active Analysis.
    If you are working with a scene partner you will work together to break down the scenes before beginning rehearsals. Rehearsals may be in-person and/or online.


    Online courses:

      • Objectives & Realism
      • Relationship & Behaviour
      • Humour
      2nd Quarter Filmed Exercises

      Relationship Study:

        • Actively discover the relationship
        • Actively discover your scene-partners point of view
        • Actively discover your character’s point of view

      Obstacles to the Scene Objective:

        • Relate to the given circumstances of the scene
        • Personalize the scene objective
        • Actively discover the obstacles

      3rd Quarter Outline – 12 weeks


      Physicalize the role and actions of the scene. Relate objectives to action. Experiment with speech patterns and movement.
      Discussion with your instructor will be on choices in the physicalization of the role, and integrating actions and props.
      For those working in Vancouver, in-person rehearsals with the Instructor in the final weeks.


      Online courses:

        • Tempo & Rhythm
        • Laban
        • Physical Actions
        3rd Quarter Filmed Exercises

        Private Moment:

        This exercises is edited with either Character Interview or Obstacles to the Scene Objective.

          • Explore character’s private life
          • Embody the character physically
          • Raise the stakes of the Super Task

        Character Portrait:

        This exercise combines two exercises: Obstacles to the Super Task and Character Dance.

          • Present the inner life and outer cover of the character
          • Relate music to the inner need
          • Share the character’s full vulnerability

        4th Quarter Outline – 2 weeks


        For those online, your instructor will be coaching you for Central Role presentations
        For in-person Vancouver groups, locations and sets and props, wardrobe is finalized. Final rehearsals. Filming.
        If a live presentation is being presented, the first week is final set constructions.

          4th Quarter Filmed Exercises

          Filmed Scene or Monologue:


            • Full edited scene or monologue

          Live Presentation:


            • Present scenes over one weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
            • Actorium will occasionally do a live showcase of Role Immersion student scenes



          We are launching the Role Immersion Hybrid program June 2022.

          For the launch we are offering the program at a reduced rate of $290/month with an additional surcharge of $50 per filmed exercise.

          *all prices in Canadian dollars