Role Immersion

Dive into the investigative process of a role. We provide an environment for those who want to experiment in their work, the discipline for successful growth and development, and the artistic culture to break new ground in acting.
Actors work on one role for eight months.
Extensive filming and live scene presentations.

Note: This program requires a 32 week commitment. Prerequisite: Actorium Intro, Dialogue & Impulse, Principles & Analysis and acceptance to the program.


Six payments of $390 + GST (recurring payments every four weeks).
$100 deposit made on registration.
Recurring payments following the start of class.Have questions about Role Immersion? Email

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Role Immersion was my opportunity to free myself from the restraints set by my preconceptions of ‘how to be an actor’. I learned to push and stretch beyond my limits–and to build the skills, confidence, and trust in myself to go forward and be the actor that only I can be. Michelle fosters this incredible learning environment–which means making mistakes, accepting them, taking the time to analyze and improve, and experience real quantifiable growth. Role Immersion is a test of endurance that allowed me to break through my fear of losing spontaneity by ‘working on something too much’. I discovered that doing it more allowed my work to evolve so that I could see my choices more clearly, and then focus on and explore the strongest choices. At the completion of the 8 months, I assessed my progress from beginning to end and saw that I had achieved all of my goals. 
Acting is my dream. And Michelle is the guide who has led me to the runway from which I take flight.


The big draw and the big worry for joining role immersion was the show at the end. I really wanted to experience performing in front of a friendly audience but at the same time dreaded it.  However, the way the program is designed and the excellent work that Michelle does with all her students made the process feel organic and seamless. Also when I joined the course I really had no idea what I had signed up for.  But I can say that coming to class was the highlight of my week. You connect with other students, you learn about yourself and you have a teacher who gives her heart and soul to her class and students.  It is a great community and I feel very lucky to have found it.


I found it an amazing experience that allowed you to really investigate a character and grow as an actor. The time spent on one role really allows you time to digest all the little nuances and gives you opportunity to physicalize those traits as you really find yourself within the character. I found it extremely beneficial.