Scene Study Programs

Scene Study Program

For training in the fundamentals of acting please see our Meisner technique Training Program

Scene Study – Principals & Analysis
8 week program
Two payments of: $290 + GST

Principals & Analysis focuses on the interplay between characters in a scene.

This class takes actors through the steps of breaking down a script and bringing a scene to life. Actors are given one scene to work on over the course of 8 weeks and each class explores a different concept through discussion, exercises and film clips which elucidate the concept in action. Actors work to bring that concept to life in their own scene work. Over time an actor deepens their understanding of these principals and learns.
Each class focus builds on the the previous class work. Scenes are filmed twice, for self-assessment and for a record of the actors work.

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Scene Study –  Character Development                                  
8 week program
Two payments of $290 + GST

Character Development focuses on strengthening the ability of an actor to ’embody’ a role.

Actors train to develop a character through the  investigation of the central needs or “spine” of the character. A strong emphasis is placed on incorporating voice and movement. Actors are asked to not only focus on the internal needs of the character but on connecting those needs to the character’s external world; how the character dresses, eats, occupies their time; how the character moves and speaks and relates to others. Over the eight week period of this program  monologues are filmed intermittently.

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Scene Study: Extended & Applied
16 week program
Four payments of $290 + GST
By invitation

Actors who have assimilated the work taught in both Principals & Analysis and Character Development are invited to join Actorium’s showcase scene class. Here all aspects of scene work are brought together to run an extended scene for a live audience.




Actors invited to join this class have proven an ability to:

  • creatively and independently break down a script into objectives and obstacles
  • understand and connect personally to the super objective of a character
  • implement both imaginary and substituted circumstances in their work
  • connect emotionally to a character
  • successfully implement voice and movement choices
  • work successfully with actors at all levels
  • make convincing external physical choices

This class will be offered in the fall of 2017.




“It’s a pretty amazing break through when your brains locks onto the meaning of the characters and what their motives are and how to express that authentically. I’m starting to have some depths and understanding of what acting truly is about. Feels really good too. Makes one want to cry. Ciao for now mentor, friend and confident. I’m so glad we met.”

“I wanted to extend my thanks for facilitating my learning/growing over the past few months. I’ve discovered so many things that have eluded me in my acting process for years. My audition yesterday was kind of like the culmination of what I’ve gone through in your class up to this point. It was nice to go into a very intimidating audition with solid tools and the confidence to know that I can “go there” if I bring in my commitment and focus.”

“I just wanted to reach out to you to say that of all the things we practiced in the sessions I was in, being present in the room has been, by far, the one that has helped me the most. Not only on set but in every audition. I’ve been working pretty much non-stop since the beginning of August. It’s also done wonders for my confidence because I don’t feel like I’m “winging” it or that I got a role on a fluke. For the first time since I started acting I feel like I see things more clearly and I’m having fun! Thank you so much for your passion and patience.”