Intro to Foundations for the Supernaturally Shy Workshop

An introductory workshop course on the basics of acting.

We are told to “get over” or “push through” shyness in order to act. But, shyness is a sensitivity that can be harnessed to make you a better actor. Once a person learns to stop trying to get over their shyness, they learn not only how to act, but how to live authentically. And, when you start moving in that direction, you discover you can enjoy your shyness.

Even if you decide not to continue with acting classes, you will walk away from this workshop with some helpful tips to working with shyness.

This workshop is an introduction to the work of Foundations for shy individuals. Foundations focuses on strengthening authenticity through working with the physicality of emotions to bring one’s entire being into performance.

If you’ve felt too shy to learn to act this course is for you. It will start you at the very beginning and provide you with the basics of our acting program.

We’ll have time for Q&A, on the concepts we study and their impact on accessing deeper authenticity in acting and life.

You are welcome to opt out of any exercise during the workshop.

We look forward to meeting you!

Ages: 18+

Cost: $80

Studio Location:
20-211 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC
Elevator access is available.

Live Dialogue Zoom Classes

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, July 28
11am-2pm PST

Space is limited.