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Actorium offers specialty workshops to Actorium Students to further their development as actors. If you have any questions about the workshops email info@actorium.ca


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Alexander Technique for Actors

Instructor: Gabriella Minnes Brandes

In this workshop we will explore the principles of the Alexander Technique as those apply particularly to actors.
The Alexander Technique is a way of becoming more aware of balance, posture and movement in everyday activities. It is a method by which a person learns to apply the basic principles of the body’s natural coordination to improve the quality of his or her own movements, and with that provide a new opening for excellence for performers who need to use their bodies for maximum efficiency and endurance.
Participants in the workshop will explore daily movements as they learn about their own habits. They will then learn to apply the principles of Alexander Technique in the context of acting. With “hands-on” experience that will heighten participants’ awareness, we will explore new ways of moving and responding to stimuli. There will be a particular focus on what the Alexander Technique offers actors, as we work with sound, breath and text. Actors constantly respond to stimuli, and often these responses are habitual and repetitive. Alexander Technique allows actors to be authentic, and versatile as they respond to other actors.
F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) was an actor who had problems with his voice and projection while he was on stage. He underwent self-exploration and investigation to develop this technique to address and overcome his challenges.
Come prepared with text that you would like to explore further.

About Gabriella: Gabriella Minnes Brandes has been working extensively with performers for close to 30 years. Much of Gaby’s current work and research focuses on exploring the connections between Alexander Technique and creativity for performers. In particular she is seeking ways to work with performers on creating bridges between the “practice room” and the “stage”.
Informed by her Ph.D. and research in education, she is also exploring the connections between learning, collaboration, and performance. Gaby teaches in the Theatre department at Capilano University, Young Artists Program at the Vancouver Opera, Opera Nuova, Edmonton, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, at the Pender Island Flute Retreat, and the Human Theatre Collective. She recently taught the Alexander Technique as a part of “Grotowski: East meets West, Heart in the Centre August Intensive” with Stephen Wangh, Linda Putnam and Raina von Waldenburg.
Member of CANSTAT, STAT and AmSAT, owner of the Alexander Technique Centre in Vancouver, and co-director of the Vancouver School of the Alexander Technique teacher training program, Gaby has shared her work in many conferences and Alexander teacher training courses nationally and internationally.

Sunday, June 11th, 2017 Full (please email admin@actorium.ca to be added to waitlist)
10:00am – 3:00pm
Cost $50 + gst