Learning to work through the struggle is an important part of the training process. If we turn away from the struggle, we save ourselves from that difficulty, but we also save ourselves from having learned what was there to be learned.

Role Immersion is difficult. Even if we have done it before, it is difficult the second time around. Each time, no matter how many times, we push ourselves a little beyond where we went before. We can’t help it. We would love to settle into coasting along and experiencing one success after another, but we know it doesn’t work like that. Role Immersion is the study of acting. The study of acting is a study in active discovery. If we discovered an opening earlier, we must continue to discover the next opening. We continue this opening and evolving, each time.

But, it hurts. Learning feels like failure. We feel like we are failing moment after moment. It is one difficult feeling after another. Over and over. It feels very similar to the experience of losing. Maybe it is losing. We lose, and lose, and lose, and then we have the win experience. And the bigger the loss that we were willing to experience, the bigger the succeeding win we experience.

And then back, into the struggle.

Let’s do it. Okay?