Supernaturally Shy Acting Program

Why the Supernaturally Shy Acting Program?

Do you …
  • Sometimes feel overwhelmed with self-consciousness
  • Struggle to make a presentation in front of a group
  • Limit pursuing your interests or sharing your ideas because of fear or self-judgment
  • Feel there is absolutely no way you could actually train as an actor

Through Method-style acting exercises we learn the process of changing patterns of behaviour that keep an actor (or anyone) in a limited range of self-expression. Through thoughtful discussions we work to understand how some habits we’ve developed to ‘protect’ ourselves can actually work against us. We discover through acting exercises that some parts of our character which we consider to be  weaknesses are actually a strengths.

Creating a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable, even those who feel overwhelmed by shyness,  we move step-by-step into exercises that focus on the process of accessing self-expression with freedom.

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Supernaturally Shy Intro

The Supernaturally Shy Intro is a four-week course introducing the techniques and exercises we use to overcome shyness.

$240 + GST
4 weeks
12 Student Maximum

Upcoming Classes:

In studio classes are temporarily not running to stop the spread of Covid-19. Please see our online class options: here


My internal life is so changed, my mind puzzles are beginning to unravel, the fog and confusion are not so extreme and I can meet the eyes of another person.This is solely because of the safe place and guidance you have provided. You can imagine that saying thank you seems inadequate, but THANK YOU.

As a kid and young adult I was very open, sensitive, and intuitive; over time and through relationships with people who I let use the very best of those qualities to their advantage and my disadvantage, I built up a protective wall around my heart. I’ve been living with a mild unhappiness and restlessness for a number of years and recently it’s become physically uncomfortable, and at times painful, to live like this. I carry a heaviness in my chest and experience an intermittent blockage in my throat – I believe that both symptoms are physical manifestations of my choice to close down something in me that wants to make itself known.
I went to Actorium have absolutely no idea what to expect, no preconceptions about what might happen or how I might feel.  Over the 4 weeks I felt my eyes and heart open, the heaviness I carry in my chest loosen. Little epiphanies throughout the weeks started to release some of the tangles in my mind, and I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.

It is a surreal experience for me being in your acting classes. I have lived my life inside a sort of straight jacket and blindfolded. I have known something was very wrong but I did not know how to help myself.
I could not explain how this is working but over the last six months I have felt a loosening from what binds me, which is such an incredible relief. I can not emphasize enough how limited I have been due to my fears and my thought processes…
I am so deeply thankful for this painful and joyful process. I am sorry so much time has past in my life, but thankful there is some left.

I took the Acting for the Supernaturally Shy class, not knowing what to expect and feeling quite nervous about it. Shyness is something that still grabs me by the throat and tells me that I should just stay home, that I’ll be safer that way. I’m very glad that I didn’t listen to my fear. I took the class and it was fantastic. As an unexpected benefit, the experience made me realize that maybe there’s an actor inside of me, suppressed but struggling to emerge.
Now, I’m enrolled i Foundations. I didn’t foresee that I would take another course, and likely more to come. I don’t know where this will lead, but the training has been inspiring, challenging, empowering, confidence-building, and enriching. I have no regrets that I took the risk.