Over the next few weeks we will be bringing in a third teacher at Actorium. And, although we all have our own styles, there are some fundamental understandings that we share.

One common understanding is that in order for a person to develop as an actor, they will change as a person. With that in mind, we work with the person, not the actor. In fact, the whole focus at the outset is basically to kill the actor and access spontaneous, gut reactions. A well planned performance is one thing, but a planned spontaneous performance puts you in another league.

We share a focus on goals. When we meet to discuss the various levels at Actorium, the prime focus is on goals. What is it that a person gets out of Foundations l? Foundations ll? Activity ? What muscles are they stretching? What requirements does a person need to meet before moving on? What are the prime objectives in each exercise? What objectives do we have to meet with the class as a whole?

I think we learn as much in our meetings and discussions together as teachers as we do in class. I learn from the insights of my fellow teachers as much as I do watching and working with the different people on stage. I am finding it more, not less, interesting as time goes on.  As my understanding of what acting is, as this evolves, my enjoyment of this work deepens. And, part of that evolution is a deepening relationship with my fellow teachers, as we explore what the art of acting truly is, and .how we can open up that world to as many people as possible.