Foundations class is the heart of Actorium’s training. In this class we use the term: the stake of truth.
Truth because, to the degree that you are able to work authentically as yourself, to that same degree you will be able to work authentically in your acting.
Not all acting styles, or actors, are interested in this type of training. We at Actorium are interested in . All of our classes revolve around the development of this primal authenticity. Acting is simply the structure, the framework, for developing this sincere mind.
In March 2020, when we took the leap into online classes, we left Foundations for the time being, and honed in on the framework: Script Analysis, Scene Objective, Super Task etc., and how each of these pieces build a performance.
The framework is important. But still, what about the most important part of acting, the heart of it? How do we focus on deepening one’s access to authenticity?
With this question in mind, this past month we’ve begun the work of shifting tactics. Lessons for classes are filmed and watched outside of class time. Exercises are filmed and submitted outside of class time. Feedback is given outside of class time.
In class, we come together for a weekly overview of the framework we are focused on, but our time is in Foundations work: developing the strength, will and clarity for authenticity.
The framework is important, but only because it provides a structure for the development of this primal authenticity.
– Michelle