The ultimate actor, to me, is a boundaryless actor. A boundaryless actor who is in control.

As actors, we train to express our authentic self in all moments, in all situations. Even when the stakes are high, when you know 1000’s of people are watching you – you can express yourself fully and authentically.

That, to me, is the fundamental basis of training in acting. We find those high-stakes situations and learn not to back down from authentic self expression.

To train in high-stakes situations doesn’t just mean to train for large audiences. A high-stakes situation is any moment we encounter when our environment could overwhelm us and cause us to ‘shrink’, to become a slight imitation of one’s self.

To not shrink means to be totally fulfilled in the truthful expression of one’s self

The challenge for every actor is to fulfill their unique, and completely individualistic expression in every role.
But it’s not a greedy thing. It’s not about you. It’s about purity.

– Michelle