Voice Practice

As an actor your voice is one of your most important instruments. A healthy, resilient and agile voice is essential not only for a wide range of expression, but even more importantly for your emotional preparation as well as to ensure a consistent quality of performance. Breath is intricately connected to your emotional life and Voice work offers another way to access those deeper parts of yourself.
This weekly voice practice class lead by Danielle Benzon is designed to strengthen your understanding of your voice-body instrument, to help you build your own personal warm-up routine and to explore the relationship between the breath, voice, emotional life and text.
This class is open to non-performers as well.


Note: This class will involve light stretching and gentle movement. Please bring a yoga mat for the floor work and wear comfortable clothing (like you would to a yoga class) in layers in case you get cold. Please avoid hoodies, jeans or inflexible pants if possible.


A Vancouver based actor and director, Danielle Benzon has a Masters degree in Acting from E15 Acting School in London, England. Danielle has been facilitating voice workshops and private coaching for actors and non-performers since 2011. In addition to the classical training she received in South Africa, where she lived before immigrating to Vancouver at the age of 16, the bulk of Danielle’s practice is based on the work of Kristin Linklater (Freeing the Natural Voice) and Stewart Pearce (The Alchemy of Sound). She has studied under David Smukler at the National Voice Intensive, as well as Stewart Pearce and Richard Ryder.