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A Free Mini Course

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Accessing Freedom in Self Expression.

Welcome novice actors 40+, or anyone interested in gaining deeper confidence and greater self expression in their work and in their art.

This is the first lesson of our full Expression course introduced in a webinar format. It is an opportunity to see what our online acting classes are like, meet your instructor, ask questions and have the option to do the first exercise and receive feedback.

Class 1: The Heart of Acting is Self Expression

In this webinar you will be given an overview of our Expression course, what Method Acting really means, why it is important to not only actors but anyone interested in self expression, and how we work on acting in an online environment. At the end of the webinar you will be given two optional acting exercises to be completed on your own time.

Between Classes: Work Time!

Access to our online program will be open giving you the opportunity to complete the assignments. Those who submit their work before the deadline will receive written feedback from Michelle before the following class.

Class 2: Course Applications

Our final webinar will focus on how to apply the learning to your life and to your work, an overview of the full online acting program, and course recommendations for those with specific goals. This is a time for participants to ask questions and share their reflections on self expression.

Please note: the classes are run as webinars and so you may keep your camera off and ask any questions you have via chat.

Cost: free

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Space is limited.

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