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Learning Agility and Fear of Failure

In order to learn, especially in something as complex as an art like acting, movies, stories, theatre - you have GOT TO learn how to fail. You've just got to. It feels so incredibly bad at first. It feels like failure means a dead end right? But it's the opposite. You...

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Acting and Process

When you create something new - whether it is as simple as changing a hairstyle, or as complex as designing the software to guide a rocket landing on Mars - there will be a period of time when you’re not sure which direction to take, when you’re not sure if it will...

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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell. I know no better way to becoming a better actor than to becoming *more* yourself: dropping the persona, dropping the act that we present to the world and to ourselves. Although the development of...

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Embracing the Negative

  Embracing the negative is an interesting process, and Michelle’s blog post detailing it out in 3 stages was super helpful at describing the journey I was stumbling through. It’s true. Of all the steps, step 3, portraying the flaws, is the hardest. I’ve been...

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Embracing the Flaws

As an acting teacher, a big part of my job is encouraging actors to embrace the flaws of the character. That process usually follows a series of steps. 1. finding the flaws 2. relating to the flaws 3. portraying the flaws   The third step often being the most...

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